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  A Spectacular Breakthrough in the Fight Against Poverty
  (St. Martin's Press-2000, paperback-2005)
  "In this interesting book, Gary MacDougal goes well beyond analysis and theory. His story takes you directly to the people and communities involved, and it actually provides practical answers to some of our most difficult welfare problems. The whole country can learn from this timely and engaging new book."
William Julius Wilson, Harvard University
"At UPS we’ve been lucky to hire sixty thousand former welfare recipients and we’re a better company because of them. 'Make a Difference' is a lively, example-filled story that shows how this works—a fascinating read for anyone."
Mike Eskew, CEO, United Parcel Service
Table of Contents Current Welfare Reform
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  Gary MacDougal's Bio
  Gary MacDougal served as CEO of a Fortune 1000 company for 17 years, was a partner of McKinsey & Company, served as General Director of the New York City Ballet and was Chairman of the Illinois Republican Party. He was also Assistant Campaign Manager and Senior Advisor in the ’88 Bush campaign and was appointed by the President to serve as a U.S. delegate to the United Nations. He is currently Co-Chair of the $450 million America for Bulgaria Foundation, Advisory Director of Saratoga Partners LLC, an advisor to governors on state human services reform and a writer and speaker on government reform and personal development.
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 Articles, OP-ED's & Speeches
 Public Policy/Welfare Reform
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 "An Important Book(AD)"
 The New York Times (8/1/2000)
 "UPS: Let the Workers Decide"
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 "Exxon Boss Should Quit Over Oil Spill"
 (Gary MacDougal) Chicago Tribune (4/28/89)
 "Know When to Fold Them"
 (Jerry Flint) Forbes (12/28/87)
 "Mark Unit to be Sold to European"
 (Matt O'Connor) Chicago Tribune (9/8/87)
 "Investing in a Dividend Boost"
 (Gary E. MacDougal) Harvard Business Review (July-Aug 1967)
 "Master Plan for Merger Negotiations"
 (Gary E. MacDougal and Fred V. Malek) Harvard Business Review (Jan-Feb 1970)
 "Mark Controls Corporation"
 (H. Edward Wrapp) The University of Chicago - Graduate School of Business
 "Junking the Junk Mail Office"
 (Gary MacDougal) The Wall Street Journal (10/5/2011)
 "Jeremiah Wright's Wider Toll"
 (Gary MacDougal) The Washington Post (5/3/2008)
 "Blagojevich's 'indiscretions': Madigan spurs an intriguing issue"
 (Thomas Roeser) Chicago Sun Times (10/5/2002)
 "New State GOP Chief Assails Blagojevich's Donor Reports"
 (John McCormick) Chicago Tribune (8/6/2002)
 "Illinois Political Corruption is Nonpartisan"
 (Mark Brown) Chicago Sun Times (7/29/2002)
 "GOP Taps a Conservative"
 (Rick Pearson) Chicago Tribune (7/27/2002)
 "Putin Targets Pro-Western Bulgaria"
 (Gary MacDougal) Wall Street Journal (6/28/2015)
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