A Spectacular Breakthrough in the Fight Against Poverty
(St. Martin's Press-2000, paperback-2005)

"In this interesting book, Gary MacDougal goes well beyond analysis and theory. His story takes you directly to the people and communities involved, and it actually provides practical answers to some of our most difficult welfare problems. The whole country can learn from this timely and engaging new book."
William Julius Wilson, Harvard University

"At UPS we’ve been lucky to hire sixty thousand former welfare recipients and we’re a better company because of them. 'Make a Difference' is a lively, example-filled story that shows how this works—a fascinating read for anyone."
Mike Eskew, CEO, United Parcel Service

Make a Difference

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St. Martin's Press
By Gary E. MacDougal
Table of Contents
Prologue ix
Introduction 1
1. Getting Involved 13
2. The Ladies in the Backyard 42
3. If You Were a Caseworker - Good People Trapped in a Bad System 69
4. What Can Be Done about the Mess We Are In? There is No Silver Buller, But... 93
5. Is Anyone Really in Charge Here? The Clout of Unions and Providers 133
6. Linking Community Groups with Government - A Historic First 149
7. Employers and Tough Welfare Cases - Enlightend Self-Interest and A Reasonable Business Risk 189
8. Collaborating at the Top of the Bureaucracies - An Oxymoron? 225
9. The Role of Legislature - Messy Democracy 255
10. Pulling Together "All the Pieces of the Puzzle" 278
11. Lessons for a Nation - A Win-Win Opportunity 306
Postscript - A Vision 328
Appendix A - Welfare to Work Job Training and Placement 335
Appendix B - Essential Elements and Lessons Learned 337
Endnotes 341
Acknowledgements 347
Index 351